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Well. There it is. I have filled to the entirety my free photobucket account. I needed backup storage for my images, and, being an artist, I needed it to be free. And now it is full to capacity. No more room to back up today’s photos, even after I pared down the 205 shots I took to 115. Its a chronicle of the last three years of my life. And now I will need to start another one. The passing of an age.



Sharing the memories…..

It was cold for Puget sound today. It was cold by my New Jerseyan standards. Like the Frederick the mouse, I have stored up the color and the light, and I will fight the gray and chilled, frosty air with memories of summer and times spent downtheshore.

downtheshore:verb, noun. one word idiomatic expression of n. jersey origin. the act of or being down at the jersey shore. Not in any reference to bad reality tv shows populated by classless stereotypes.

Frederick the Mouse:

Night Owl

So I thought that I’d be getting to sleep in a half normal fashion. HA! Oh internet had much bigger plans. Arby n’ the Chief plans. It reminded me of all the other nights I’ve spent staying up too late, watching those videos at the same time as some friends. Well at least I laughed. Right? I only hope I’m not too dead tomorrow, or today rather, when I wake up. But to wake up I must first sleep. Before I get to sleep I should haul my butt up and make the bed. Everything is work isn’t it?

I hope that all of this doesn’t change what I need to do tomorrow. I felt like I was making progress today in making strides towards my goals, if in nothing else, I’ve learned much. I am better armed then I was yesterday. Because as they say knowledge is power.  Who wants to bet that I’m going to forget 90% of the things I’ve thought of, read and devised in my mind? Oh lets say that isn’t so. Maybe I’ll get to go back to creating things. So I have some great things to share with the universe.

I have quite a few photos in mind. Things I’d like to try, some new locations I’d like to try shooting. And of course, I have new jewelry pieces that need to be photographed so that I may list them at my etsy shop. I still need to find a place to get prints made. Well a place that I can trust the quality in conjunction with the price. Not that I know what my plans are after that. My passion is for shooting the work, getting people to see it. But as I am not Henri Cartier Bresson ( yet anyway…. give me time and equipment…) I do not have shows traveling the country, with all the fine tasted people coming to fawn for my works.

Oh dear you can tell that it is past 4 am, and past my bed time, even for this night owl, as my ramble is showing.

Yes I start this on a Monday.  This Monday is the start of the rest of my life! When I now have a voice to declare all the amazing things and ideas and creations that I end up being a vessel for.

Ok. Enough of egotism for one day.

Although in seriousness I do intend to share ideas, creations, and talk about being an artist, jewelry designer and well, free spirit, for lack of a better term at midnight.

So with that in mind, I suppose that means, this TUESDAY is the start of the rest of my life! So I guess I am a bit late to say that I started this in the new year?